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Web Programming

Exar Software Research software pvt ltd concentrates in providing custom programming for almost all types of web sites. No matter, however big the project is, we are there to create the best suited and most effective programming to satisfy your need. We are backed with high skilled programmers and can offer you the best possible web programming services starting form business package suit to custom programming. Our technically neat programming ensures increase the efficiency of your business website. Possibilities are limitless with us!

1) Content Management System – You may often require editing the content of your website. It is very much essential that you have the access to your website content management system. We provide a flexible technique that allows every sections of the web site to be updated, administered and maintained internally by you.

2) Photo Gallery – You can easily upload, edit and delete your own photo gallery. This can be done only through a click of a button in your web site.

3) E-commerce Shopping Cart - E-commerce web sites require precise and high end programming to facilitate the visitors to add products to the shopping cart and on completion all products will be displayed in a list along with the total cost. The submission of request for purchase the process will be incorporate with a payment gateway for processing the payment.

4) MLM Site – If you are looking for MLM website, we can be the best choice for you. Our experienced programmers are competent enough to work on highly effective Multi-Level-Marketing websites.

5) Database-Driven Shopping Cart - If you are planning to build an easy Online Store Management & Administration website, talk to us now. We can build for you full-featured software enabled shopping cart website through which you can access your complete database, review and manage your transaction records. Everything can be implemented fully through online retrieval of your Website database: sales, orders, visitors, shipments, payments, customers, and inventory control.

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