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Skype ID Extractor

Extract UNLIMITED Skype IDs of targeted people related to your business using given keywords. Eg: "Software companies in california"Add the extracted skype ids to your contacts in skype.Chat with them, introduce your products / services and grow your business.Best outbound sales tool of the year 2014. New invention by gorillacontact.


Open skype extractor and give a keyword related to people whose skype ids has to be extracted and click start search button.Examples of keywords can be "Software companies in malaysia" or "Hospitals in newyork" It will then extract UNLIMTIED urls, email ids, phone numbers and skype IDs of people related to that keyword.

Save the extracted data to an MS Excel worksheet and use it for outbound marketing.


Before, we tried google adwords, seo and many other advertising methods to bring targeted traffic to our website.Adwords was too expensive and seo took very long time with no results due to high competetion.When found that, when 100 people visits our website 10 people will click on live chat button and will chat with our operators.80% of our sales are happening after our customers chat with our staff in live chat room.We then realized the importance of one to one conversation with our customers in closing the sale.When a customer chat with the staff in an organisation, he/she clears all his/her doubts and attains a trust on the company which leads to a chat is more effective than email communication since it is a live and ongoing interaction where the staff is able to convince the customers through one-to-one interactionWhen we developed Skype id extractor for our own outbound marketing needs, we never thought it would change our business. Now our chat opearators are over whelmed with people in chat.Skype id extractor is the best outbound sales tool an organisation can get to get new targeted customers.

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