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Linked In Data Extractor

Linkedin Scraper

Do You Need Quality Leads?

Are You Tired Of Paying Big Money For Leads?

Do You Wish You Could Stop Copying Linkedin Leads Into Excel Spreadsheets?

You have come to the right place

Linkedin is the best source of contact information of professionals, in the world. Almost every professional in every category is listed there.

If you want to sell to all the Doctors & Physicians in California? They are all right there in Linkedin.

Do you want to sell Stationary to hotels or hospitals or educational institutions in texas, you can get contact information in the linkedin.

That is exactly what we have created!

It's very simple. You can scrape the Contact Information of THOUSANDS of Individuals in just minutes!

Linked in Scraper




Linkedin Data Scraper is a desktop application which will help you to Extract Unlimited Amount of data from Linkedin at an extremely fast rate. It automatically extract Business Name, Email, Phone Address, Yahoo messenger id , Skype Id, Google Talk ID and Much more!!

   Extract Unlimited Leads From Linkedin

Take the hassle out of copying  and pasting from Linkedin and get automated with Linked Data Scraper

Linked  Data Scraper will  help you in your daily linkedin Activity.  If you are even thinking  g etting business from Linkedin ,You'll want this tool.  You can download the results in Excel .CSV, or Txt. 

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