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Candidate Tracking System

A Web Based Candidate Tracking System


Customer CRM

CRM module will help you to manage prospective customers including follow and call details by note each activity in HR-Recruiter!

Job Opening

Opening module will help you to manage candidates associated with openings, interview scheduled, activity created and much more!


Module will help you to manage details like current occupancy, preferred jobs, education details, experience and profile attachment!


Accounting will help you to keep track on your billing, payable and receivable! You can also generate invoice from system itslf!

Unique Features
helps you on your routines!

Staffing Agencies

Choose the best candidate for your customers by dividing your workload with staffing agencies like headhunter or freelancers!

Scheduler Interview

Manage and schedule an interview as per customers availability and lineup candidates accordingly!


Activity Management

In-built task management system, which keeps you and your colleague updated so that you can not miss any single important things to do!

Search Data

Simple and Advance Search will help you to choose right candidate form your own database!

Job Opening - Card

JOB OPENING Perfectly designed

Job Opening - Card will help you to manage Candidates you added to the opening, Interview scheduled, Activity you created for you and your colleagues, and to keep track on each things you do with every Job Openings!

It helps you to quick contact with the responsible person from client side!


Candidate Card

Quick View Of Candidate Profile

Card will help you to see candidate each and every details you feeded for future reference including candidate profile!


Candidate Association History With Opening

Candidate card will help you to analize the candidate past history including on which openings candidnate have associated along with status!

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